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Rolex has always been a synonym of luxury and quality. And once again, Rolex has introduced with a great piece of work called Rolex Masterpiece. Masterpiece has a size of 29mm with a diamond engraved on the whole Bezel; this makes the watch more luxurious and beautiful. Rolex has been a sign of craftsmanship over 100 years, and this time, in terms of quality, no one can beat this company.

The Rolex Masterpiece has soft and sleek curves complementing the rich dial. They are engraved with an exquisite gem setting of Diamonds, sapphires, or rubies. Suppose you think that Diamonds or sapphires can be of low quality. In that case, you’re mistaken as the gracious diamonds are selected through a rigorous criterion, which ensures that the diamonds are of the most intense radiance.

There are many models of a masterpiece, but the most famous is day-date watches as it is functional with an irresistible charm. These watches are made with great details.

Rolex discontinued the Masterpiece models a few years back. These charming timepieces saw a market for a while only because of the limited production. It’s not common to encounter a Masterpiece series product as they are scarce right now.

It is nearly impossible for an average person to have a Rolex watch as they are expensive and not easily accessible. The first substitute you can have are rolex small ladies replica watches, these watches are a copy of the original ones. You can easily have the same look like the original Rolex Masterpiece in your wrist by spending a few bucks. 

A Brief History About Rolex’s Masterpiece series

Now that we know Rolex has been manufacturing these timepieces for a long time, the roots of Masterpiece are pretty old. The Masterpiece Series came from a watch model called Pearlmaster, which was introduced in 1992. The Pearlmaster timepieces are crafted with precious metal, and they are complemented with gemstones like diamond, gold, sapphire, rubies, and many more. The Pearlmaster model is has a signature trait, and that is the Pearlmaster bracelet. It is a lavish five-piece link with a Crownclasp. The Pearlmaster bracelet is curvier than the Oyster bracelet.


These pieces only coupled with Lady-Datejusts. After a few years of introduction of Pearlmaster, Day-date watches were introduced. These watches were called Day-Date Masterpiece.

These day-date watches were one of the most lavish day-date of the market you could buy as the Masterpiece series is adorned with diamonds on the bezel.

Now that we know the history of Pearlcase and Masterpiece series. Let’s talk about the features of the masterpiece series: –

  • Platinum Oyster Case

The oyster case of masterpiece series comes within many sizes in a wide range that is 29mm to 39mm. It makes this watch one of its kind as these watches are of large sizes, and Day-Date watches or luxury dress watches do not come in these big sizes. These watches are relatively slim than other watches as with a 12.4mmm thickness. It makes this watch more suitable as you hide under a dress cuff with great ease.

The solid platinum case is very fluid and shapely as it is flatted underside the lug profile.

From the profile view, it has a sizeable sensuous curvature. It means that there is not any hard angle in the watch. The platinum case does not have any brush finish the entire clock has been polished.

  • 100 Meters Water Resistance

The Watch’s oyster case has a Twinlock double waterproofness system; this guarantees water-resistance of 100 meters. This allows the optimum protection of high-precision movement if watch drops in water. A rolex small ladies replica watches, which is an excellent substitute for the original one, can have a water resistance but not as good as the original one.


  • MOP Dial

MOP stands for Mother of Pearls. It is created with an outer coating of the inside lining of a pearl. As we know that Rolex never artificially colors anything, so these MOPs are designed in-house by the Rolex workers. So why it is special because every pearl is different, it is like our fingerprints. This makes our Day-Date watch more attractive, gorgeous.

  • Diamond indices

The grandeur doesn’t end with the MOP dial itself. This Masterpiece wears ten diamonds on the dial. The lift raft for the diamonds is made of pure gold, making it more expensive and luxurious. Moreover, the hands of the clock and the Rolex crown symbol are made up of white gold. Of course, a rolex small ladies replica watches beautifully copies the diamond indices of the Masterpiece.

  • Pearlmaster Bracelet

Pearlmaster bracelet is not a style that is common as the Rolex has limited the Pearlmaster bracelet production, so these watches are pretty rare as well. The Pearlmaster bracelet is a solid sheet of platinum that is flexible, smooth, and supple. This watch is technically a luxury dress bracelet; it still has a five-link, which makes the bracelet more reliable and is even robust than an oyster bracelet. The rolex small ladies replica watches have the same design as the original one, but they do not have the same quality as the Pearlmaster bracelet.

  • The Concealed Crownclasp

This clasp is a traditional snap-shut, which is beautiful and functional at the same time. There are removable-links that can fix by screws. Half-links are used for proper fitting. It means that this bracelet offers durability, uniqueness, and comfortability.

Purchasing a Rolex Masterpiece is not an expense as watches like these hold their value for a long time, and after many years they could be sold for an enormous amount of money. The Masterpiece series value is more as the production of this series has been limited.

Now we know why Rolex Masterpiece is considered beautiful and powerful at the same time. But this product can be expensive for many people; in that case, you can have rolex small ladies replica watches. These watches are a replica of the original ones, watches like these copy entirely the original exteriorly. So, if you cannot afford the original ones, you can always have a replica one.

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