The Rolex Submariner ref 116610ln is one of the classic sports watches among other watches and designed for diving in the deep sea. These watches are considerably known for their resistance against corrosion and water. The Rolex Submariner has undergone several major and minor changes in the design, function, and style while keeping the soul and heart of the watch together. The submariner series was specially designed for diving and underwater exploration. Moreover, these watches can resist water upto 300 meters due to their solid structure, but earlier, these were thicker and resisted upto 200 meters only.

The triplock system features a triple dot gasket system that is screwed down tightly with the case tube and opposite the oyster case to ensure better waterproof protection during underwater exploration. However, Rolex watches are straightforward to use as they aim for thoughtful simplicity, everyday versatility, and steadfast reliability. However, there are several Rolex submariner models manufactured over the past years. Due to the popularity of Rolex, there are many illegal replicas available in the market, such as rolex submariner replica. You can still buy any counterfeit watches as these are available worldwide. Let’s discuss the different features of the famous Rolex submariner Ref 116610ln.

  • The case made of oyster steel

The design of Rolex submariner ref 116610ln is much more sophisticated than the model of submariner 16610lv. Moreover, it comes with a sturdy 904L oyster steel that enhances the watch’s ability to resist corrosion and water upto 1000ft. Thus, it guarantees a shiny and glossy look after polishing and can work brilliantly even after exposure to extremely harsh environmental conditions.


The Rolex Submariner, 116610ln case size measures, 40mm with wider lug width and larger winding crown. And if we discuss the replica of the Rolex Submariner Ref 116610ln. There is a wide variety of replica watches available worldwide that you can purchase from an online dealer at the best price. All you have to do is find an authentic dealer that deals in rolex submariner replica watches and offers you superior replica watches. Please make sure you check that the seller is trustworthy and reliable to do business with them.

  • Black dial

The Rolex submariner 116610ln has an ebony black dial with hour hands and makers made up from Chromalight material and 18-carat gold. The luminescent material emits bluish glow while placed in a dark place and can last-long for hours hence best suited for deep diving purposes. The dial also includes a feature of ‘Maxi’ dial setting with long hour-indicators and hands. The dial crafting is handmade by the in-house team of swiss brands. Thus, giving the submariner 116610ln watch a precise combination of traditional and modernized elegance.

However, the in-house replica team also makes the dial of replica watches. Although the luminescent used in replica watches are of inferior quality, thus they will glow only for few hours in the dark. It would help if you made sure that the replica watch seller is authentic through customer reviews and that they sell the genuine replica of Rolex submariner ref 116610ln, which is a rolex submariner replica.

  • 3135 Movement 

The Rolex submariner guarantees perfect precision with the use of a 3135 calibre mechanical movement. This high precision is tested by COSC with the use of various precision test and certified by the Swiss chronometer, operating by a topnotch oscillator and 31 jewels. The oscillator is consists of a blue parachrom hairspring and a balance wheel. The movement mechanism ensured that it stays accurate and precise, even in situations like temperature variation and magnetic fields. However, the Parachrom hairspring is ten times more precise than traditional hairspring when exposed to severe shocks.


Thus, it makes the auto movement of 3135 calibre to be reliable and remarkable. However, the auto movement mechanism used in Rolex replica watches is tested by the swiss movement and approved to give accurate time, even after some accidental shock. Thus, it makes the replica watches durable upto some extend, but several severe shocks will detrimental the condition of the replica watches. Suppose you consider to buy a replica watch. In that case, you have to research a reliable source that can offer you a superior quality of rolex submariner replica, which can benefit you for a long time.

  • Oyster steel Bracelet 

The bracelet of Rolex 116610ln provides the wearer a durable and ultra-comfortable while diving in deep seas. The bracelet is made up of a 904L oyster steel family with a glide lock to ease the fine adjustment. This watch can be worn over your swimsuit, and it has proved it worth through its simplicity, which means there is no need for any other tools. Moreover, the oystrerlock clasp provides excellent security without any accidental opening while wearing on the wrist.

As you know, the bracelet links are robust due to the use of an oyster steel link. However, the dealer of replica watches has ensured that they use durable quality material for replica watches bracelet. Thus, offer superior quality counterfeit watches at reasonable rates. You can also look for the dealer’s details while purchasing any rolex submariner replica to ensure you are getting a quality product.

  • Rotatable bezel

Although the material used in making bezel is quite different from its predecessor watches. The Rolex has designed the new submariner bezel with ceramic insert. The single click-spring is replaced by a set of four click-springs to ensure that it is easy to adjust the bezel. The new design of bezel in modern submariner 116610ln is supportive of the deep divers. The knurled edge ensures that it provides an excellent grip even underwater. The luminescent capsule makes it easier to use in the dark depth of the ocean. The bezel also comes etched with 60-minute platinum calibration, Thus help in measuring the diving time precisely.

This modern Rolex submariner model possesses several unique features that make it worth owning, especially for the deep divers. All the points mentioned above are the feature of Rolex submariner 116610ln.

NF Submariner 116610LN 40MM

Quality - 8.4
Price - 9.1


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