The Rolex Air-King was revealed, creating a great buzz around in the market. This design and model were different than other Rolexes because of its small dial. Some people debate that this model makes it different from the thing Rolex is known for, and some are against this saying no one watches can have a better-certified chronometer for this price. Everyone can have their view about the clock, but the thing is that this watch is a gem to have.

The Air-King is rich in history; this watch is not just another commercial watch made by Rolex. Rolex made this watch to pay tribute to pioneers of aviation and the signature and the signature Oyster’s role in flight’s epic story.

Rolex pays the tribute by making a 40mm case made up of Oystersteel, a solid-link with oyster bracelet and oyster clasp. The prime aim of the makers is to pay homage to aeronautical heritage to the Rolex’s original oyster. Rolex released the first Air-King a long time ago, and now the company has renewed it, making it modern and different.

As that we know that Rolex can be very costly for some people rolex air-king mens replica is for you. It may not have the full functionality of the original one, but it can completely fool anyone.

Let’s discuss the elements of Rolex air king watch and how it has changed all over the years: –

  • The size of the watch

Old Air-king watch has been measured to be 34mm, making it the smallest men’s watch in the Rolex family. As this model was renewed, the size of the watch was expanded, it means that it is not the smallest watch anymore. The new Rolex Air-King is now 40mm wide with a polished bezel complementing with the sleek and solid oyster case back.


  • The dial of the Rolex Air-King

Air-King’s dial has become the center of debate for all the Rolex fans. As some Rolex loyalists think that the dial isn’t a sign of a Rolex watch while some disagree with that saying that the Air-King is beautiful and sleek. This Rolex watch has a Chroma light triangle marker for white gold Arabic numerals are used to indicate 3,6 and 9 with a white 5-minute marker everywhere. As discussed, the watch is a tribute to Oyster; a mix of style has inspired it; one of them is aviation observation clocks. After a long time, the yellow crown logo has made a comeback in Rolex watches. The rolex air-king mens replica has the same dial as the original Air-King has. Most of the people are of the view that this dial is beautiful and unique at the same time, but some disagree with this.

  • New Hands Introduced in the new model of the Air-King.

The modified Air-King comes with a bold look leaving the conservative design behind. To move the traditional and boring design behind the baton, the hands of the clock are removed. As it is inspired by aviation history, Rolex made an effort to preserve history by installing the ‘Mercedes’ hand for minutes and hours in white gold. This is complemented with a balloon second hand with the iconic green color of Rolex.

  • Anti-Magnetic Property of Air King

This watch has been made as a tool for pilots. The new Air-King watch is resistant to magnetic fields by installing the Milgauss case. This case is made with a 904L grade stainless steel with a beautiful satin finish. A Milgauss case comprises of soft-iron of the double case; it can handle a significant amount of magnetic field. It is suitable for pilots who have to be in for hours in a ton of electrical and magnetic equipment. A regular watch can be affected a lot, so pilots consider Air-King as a better option. The rolex air king mens replica cannot have such anti-magnetic properties. 


  • Powered by the new-house movement

The new air king does not come with not only a Milgauss case; the new Air-King has modified the movement of the watch. The Calibre 3131 installed in unique Air-King blends in with the anti-magnetic properties. The in-house caliber has an accuracy of 28,000 vph and a power reserve of 48 hours makes the watch more powerful. In simpler words, Rolex Air-King is a super reliable and accurate watch despite the anti-magnetic properties of the clock. 

  • Superlative Chronometer of Air King

This Rolex watch has differentiated itself from other certified chronometers. If you are a newbie in this watch business, a chronometer means a tool to show the accurate time despite air pressure, humidity, or temperature. Rolex has a superlative chronometer; it means that they have the industry benchmark of accuracy.

The benchmark accuracy is of +4/-6 seconds to the accurate time. Rolex fulfills the industry mark. In 2015 Rolex announced that their watch would have the skill of at least +2/-2. So, if you buy a Rolex watch like Air-King, you know that you will get an accurate time.

  • Oyster Bracelet

The tool watch has been modified with a brushed oyster bracelet. When Rolex first introduced this watch, loyalists argued that the oyster bracelet is destroying the tool-watch theme. As the company introduced the new Air-King, they just brushed the links of the bracelet. So, if you want to a match with Anti-magnetic properties with a rugged looks, Air-King is for you.

Air-King is a great blend of a tool watch and rugged style, but it comes with an enormous price of 6200$, rolex air-king mens replica is a great option. The replica fully matches the look of the original ones. Of course, the replica ones do not have the same functionality, but they do an excellent job while copying the dial or size of the watch.

Watches like rolex air-king mens replica is a great option to fulfill your desire to own a high price watch like the original Air-King watch. So, if you are planning a watch with a rugged look with a unique set of dials and bracelets.

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