Many expensive watches are available in the market, and ROLEX DAY-DATE YELLOW GOLD 218238 FLUTED BEZEL GOLD DIAL is one of them. It is the unique model of Rolex that is made up of gold texture. This watch is famous for its unique design that includes the case diameter of 41mm with 21 mm of band width. The model is available in limited edition, but one can find Rolex yellow gold replica of it in several markets.

It is the most reliable product of Rolex with 100% authenticity. The model is mainly made for men and ranges up to $37,000 in the market. One can also purchase it online. Various websites are offering great discounts on this model. It contains a high-quality case cover made up of aluminum material and well finished with golden embroidery. Look wise. It is outstanding, and one cannot ignore it just by seeing it. The manufacturing of the watch is done in Geneva, Switzerland.

Suppose you are looking for a good luxury watch, then you can try this one. It contains several advances and modern features such as automatic movement self-winding system, digital compass, stopwatch, etc. The model is comfortable to wear and leaves no scars on removing. For luxury watch lovers, it is the best model available in the market compared to other Rolex models.

A complete overview of the features and looks of ROLEX DAY-DATE YELLOW GOLD 218238 FLUTED BEZEL GOLD DIAL watch

The yellow golden texture of the model gives it a unique and luxurious look. In addition to this, it contains a diamond dial for adjusting the time in the watch. You will find a vast number of cool features if you don’t have enough money to purchase it, then you can buy a Rolex yellow gold replica at cheaper rates. It contains almost the same features and looks. Let’s discuss in brief about the characteristics of the model.

  • Watch movement – it contains mechanical, perpetual, and self-winding movement with 3255 calibers manufactured by Rolex. It shows the precision of 2 seconds. With this, it includes high-performance Paralex shock absorbers and paramagnetic blue hairspring.
  • Functions – the interior of the model contains center seconds, minute, and hour that is automatically updated day today. One can also change the time according to wish. The stopwatch facility is also available with high accuracy, and it contains a free time setting.
  • Bracelet – the band of the model, includes semicircular, presential, and three-piece links with yellow golden color. The width of the group is 21mm. It is embraided with 18ct gold with a concealed folding crown clasp.
  • Case of the model – it contains yellow colors 41mm oyster case with fluted bezel. The case is composed of a screw-down and double waterproof system that is the watch is safe in eater also up to 100 meters deep.
  • Winding crown – it is made up of scratch-resistant material with Twinlock shining system. The glass of crown is strong enough and provides clear and transparent visibility to the interiors.
  • Special features – with all the fantastic features- also contain unique features like day and date calendars, corrosion-free material, digital compass, navigation, etc.
  • Warranty – usually Rolex gives two years of warranty in every model, and the same trend is followed in this product. To claim warranty, one needs to have the original bill of merchandise with all the specifications. For more information, one can visit the official website of Rolex. There all the information is available, and several customer care numbers are also available for various inquires.

From where one can buy ROLEX DAY-DATE YELLOW GOLD 218238 FLUTED BEZEL GOLD DIAL watch

The most trustable and reliable option for purchasing this model is an authorized Rolex showroom. It is available in various cities in the world. Suppose there is no showroom open nearer to your house than you can buy it online also. Various shopping applications and websites are offering a good deal on this model.

  • In online shopping, you will get extra benefits such as free insurance, additional discount, free shipping, and many more. With all the benefits, it also includes several risks, as in many cases, the customer gets a Rolex yellow gold replica instead of the original model.
  • If you are interested in the replica of this model, you can purchase it from any local watch market. Several online platforms are famous for the selling of Rolex replica from there. You can easily buy the duplicate copy of the model, and they are very cheaper in rate than the original one.

Why ROLEX DAY-DATE YELLOW GOLD 218238 FLUTED BEZEL GOLD DIAL watch is receiving good response in the market?

The main reason behind the popularity of the model is the name of the brand associated with Rolex. It is a well-recognized brand in the market, and no one needs the introduction of it. The model is one of the best watches of this brand. The other reasons behind its popularity are its advanced features, excellent looks, embroidery of gold, etc.

  • Several experts considered this model as the masterstroke from Rolex in the wristwatch market. It gives good competition to other luxury wristwatches in almost every aspect, such as design, functions, durability, quality materials, etc.
  • Due to high demand, the Rolex yellow gold replica of this model is introduced by various watch dealers. For the original product, try to buy it from any authorized Rolex store or any reputed website. To check the originality of the product, you can match the Rolex’s code of watch. If it is matched, then your product is original.

Last but not least, the purchasing of the model is entirely worth it. You will hardly find any defect in it. Moving further, it is manufactured in a limited edition only, so the model is not available for everyone. If it is out of stock, then you need to wait for its next edition. Resale value of the model is also good for this one need to maintain watch in good condition.

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