ROLEX SUBMARINER 16610LV GREEN 50TH ANNIVERSARY watch is very cool model of Rolex that contains an interesting backstory. It is available in green color in the market that makes it different from other models of Rolex. Several essential features include steel case material, black dial, 12.8 mm thickness, sapphire crystal, fold clasp, etc. The model is one of the rare editions that is produced in extremely limited quantity. It offers warranty of 2 years to the customers. It is very comfortable in wearing and causes no signs in hand.

It is famous for its unique combinations of appearance and functionality. Its advanced features include the time of different zones, bicolor bezels, crafting of expensive metals, embroidery of diamonds, etc. Many studies have shown that in terms of costly watches, more than 50% of the population prefers Rolex anniversary replica rather than original product. If you are looking for any luxury watch than it would be best for you.


The Rolex model made up of several expensive metals such as gold, platinum, diamonds, etc. It is manufactured in limited edition. The brand is a sign of richness and luxury life as it is not affordable for everyone. The most exciting thing that you might not know about this company is it donates a large percentage of income to various charities worldwide. You will find a lot of expensive watches in the market, but Rolex is something different from others as it is designed by some of the best designers in the world. Let’s discuss about some advantages of the model.

Automatic power

The watch does not include any external battery for power apart from this. It automatically generates electricity. It also offers a stopwatch timer facility with perfect accuracy. For this, one needs to install an extra battery in the clock.

All these features are also offering in the replica at cheaper rates to get this luxury watch without spending millions of dollars.


Professional appearance

Mainly Rolex watches are famous for its classy looks. Many replica manufacturers are also present in the market that offers the same appearance in the replica. So be aware of that and try to buy the watch from any reputed seller or authorized seller.

Rolex anniversary replica contains almost the same look. So, if you don’t have enough money to buy the original watch, then, in my opinion, it would be the best option for you to experience a luxury wristwatch at cheaper rates.

The internal and external design

Nothing is more important than design in the watches. Rolex contains one of the unique designs that are available in limited edition. The design of the watch is quite impressive, and it displays almost every feature in a proper manner, such as different times of different time zones, date, day, stopwatch reading, etc. Externally it contains a lavish design with gold appearance. One can see the shining of the watch from far away.

For those people who cannot afford the expensive watch for them, the replica is available. It is like a photocopy of the original product, and easily one cannot distinguish it as a copied product.

Quality material

To make the watch more durable and, reliable Rolex uses some of the best quality materials in the manufacturing of watches. This is the main reason behind the long life of Rolex watches. Hardly one can find a defect in the watch. Finishing of the model is excellent, and it gets quickly fits everyone’s wrist.

Apart from this, the replica uses cheap materials in manufacturing, and this is the main reason behind the short life of models. If you compare the replica’s price with the original one, it seems quite beneficial as the spending of millions of dollars on a watch is just a waste of money.


Why ROLEX SUBMARINER 16610LV GREEN 50TH ANNIVERSARY is popular in the market?

Mainly the watch is famous for the classy looks that contain several expensive metals with it. The overall appearance of the model is quite impressive. As compared to other models of Rolex, it includes some unique features such as navigation that help find the location and time of different time zones that is one can see the time of any country in a single watch. Let’s discuss some more factors one by one.

If we look at other models of Rolex, it is quite cheaper with no compromise in quality and features. As compared to the original model, the Rolex anniversary replica is far less expensive, and it also offers almost the same elements present in the original one. Here are some unique features of the model.

  • Case information – it contains diameter with 12.88 mm thickness. The case is made-up of stainless steel that provides the strong structure to the watch.
  • Bezel information – it contains aluminum bezel with green color. It does work in unidirectional that rotates with 60-minute diving scale.
  • Strap information – it contains stainless steel oyster strap that contains a logo with folding clasp and provides unique texture to design.

What do you mean by replica watches?

Replica refers to a copy of the original products. According to some report’s replica watches are in high demand in the market. More than 70% of people demand a replica of Rolex watches. To stop this, the parent company have taken several steps such as

  • Destroying duplicate copies
  • Securing design and technology
  • The demanding legal offense for various replica manufacturer’s
  • But these steps are not looking enough to stop replica manufacturing as the replica market is increasing day by day.Rolex anniversary replica is the best example of it.

By seeing the features and other functions of the watch, we can finally say that it would be the best option for purchasing a new wristwatch. If one cannot afford this, Rolex anniversary replica is available in the market at cheaper rates that offer almost the same functions and features.

JF Submariner 16610LV 40MM

Quality - 8.6
Price - 7.8


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